Uncovet Necklace Shirt Print Bag Notecard1

I love Uncovet.com. Much like Gilt, or Just Fab, Uncovet brings to its registered users a selection of goods that is crush worthy and cool, but Uncovet makes its case championing the new designer, the edgy collection and the chic find.

With new daily selections hand picked by Uncovet stylist, the online boutique gathers tshirts, charm bracelets and knick-knacks from design shops all over the web. This particular collection caught my eye on a chilly, pre-spring evening – check out the rest the site has to offer.

Uncovet Necklace Shirt Print Bag Notecard

Aquamarine Necklace $49; Audrey Hepburn Print $36; Petrified Wood Holder $27; FUCC Off Crewneck $70; Heirloom Tote – Cognac 270; ‘Well Hello There’ Notecards $19


Life Lately

 Life lately has been prettyyyy good. I’m going on record saying this will be the Best Summer Ever, so stay tuned. Though I’m pretty sure this heat wave is heralding the end of the world (the Aztecs were right!), we’re determined to make the most of every day in the sun. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few weeks…

Giant flag on the side of the Wrigley Building… America!

Birthday roses

Balance personified in my seastar – talked Ali into meeting me for a glass of wine after the gym!

Trapeze Chicago rig at night

Farmer’s Market loot


My awesome score from Nordstrom Rack – currant candle

If it’s a tiny bottle it doesn’t count – birthday celebrations

Sunset over the lake

Ingredient prep for Jamie Deen’s Charred Corn Salad for a July 3 BBQ tonight

Lazy days in the pool with my partner in crime

It’s Birchbox Dayyyyy!



It’s HERE!  I just love coming home and finding that sassy pink box waiting for me.  I can’t wait to try this month’s gifties and tell you all about them!  June’s box was themed as an ode to wanderlust – the inexplicable need to getaway and escape.  With travel friendly  pieces like an allover toning bronzer, a tinted lip and cheek stain to avoid pale and dry plane skin, refreshing rose water mist and the cutest TSA friendly plastic zipper bags in fun patterns, who didn’t immediately hit Kayak for last minute deals?!





Trash to treasure

Laura and I trekked to the Brown Elephant the other day to find some fun goodies for the respective casas.  Yes, I speak Spanish now that it’s almost Cinco de Mayo – that should have been obvious.  De todos mondos, we were shocked at some of the outrageous prices attached to what, honestly, should have had teensy little price tags attached to them, the only logical explanation being that they had a new (ahem, volunteer) appraiser.  Either that, or we passed up a few diamonds in the rough.

Here are a few of my lucky finds:


Mirrored box for…well, tbd.  VERY tarnished serving tray and bowl.  Perfect wine caraffe.  Close-up of the intricate detail on my soontobeshiny serving tray.


You guys are not going to believe this, but my dear seeeester hates – and I mean HATES – St. Patrick’s Day. In Chicago, this holiday is a big deal. Two parades, we dye the river, everyone goes nuts. What’s not to love, right?

Well, Ali and I both bartended back in the college days and I believe there was an incident with a “leprechaun” accosting her (read: hired drunk midget dressed up to entertain the crowd… he was very in love) that mayyyy have turned her off from the holiday and its madness altogether.

So, I get it. But, this year I’m campaigning for her to come out and I think I’ve almost hooked her!

In an effort to push her over the edge and headfirst into a giant green beer, I’ve decided that the best bait is new gear for the festivities. In all honesty, I think the tacky t-shirts have probably contributed to her disgust over the years, so to combat any “but I have nothing to wearrrrr” objections at 7am Saturday morning (yes I’m serious), I’ve handily compiled all of these super cute and reasonably priced options for her.

You’re welcome, Ali!

Al: In addition,  I promise not to make you wear beads or shamrock stickers, wear any sort of headgear, let anyone foist an Irish Carbomb on you, and I will keep you far, far away from any “leprechauns”. Do we have a deal?