I choose to believe that you really can have it all.  I’m compulsive and predictable at the same time.  I love to cook but I’m always looking for new ways to stay in shape.  I can’t get over a Facebook that allows users to list “tanning” as an interest.  I’m a homebody yet I firmly believe there’s nothing sexier than getting dressed up for dinner for no reason other than to make your date smile.  I love the idea of a clutch but really can’t leave the house without an oversized purse.  My family and friends are my life but I remain selfishly independent.  I truly believe I could live at Whole Foods the way Natalie Portman lived in…well, that store I can’t remember because I never saw that movie.  I have an incredibly addictive personality and the addition changes often.  I’m single-minded to a fault and believe in indulging almost every whim.  I lose my train of thought quite often because I’ve already moved on to the next….wait, what was I talking about?  I spoil myself for no other reason than the fact that I work hard so that I can.  I’m a notorious over-punctuator.  I am fiercely loyal, though few people ever see that side of me.  I believe in all things girly.  I wont wear flipflops; everyone does!  I don’t think there’s ever a time I wont want what I can’t have. I’ll never understand why the pajama jean commercial is so long: they’re pajamas that look like jeans and they jeans that feel like pajamas – how does that last 4 minutes and 30 seconds?   I hope every girl treats herself to a set of good bedsheets – you deserve it sister!  No, iTunes, I don’t want to download your updated version, and I resent you for asking me so often.  I wouldn’t share your secret – I just wouldn’t.  I’ll ramble forever if you’ll let me.  Honestly at this point it’s really just an exercise to see who would be willing to read this far.  Laura: I mean you.  Turns out you’re predictable, too!  That’s why I love ya, kid 🙂

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