Monday Motivation

That Eleanor was a smart cookie.

I love this quote and thought her sage words of wisdom might be worth looking at a few thousand times a day, so I made this little background for my laptop. Feel free to save and use as your own!

Hope you had a great weekend 🙂


Case of the Mondays

From iwastesomuchtime

I look exactly like that cat. I just realized that we totally forgot to do our Happy Friday post, and those are our favorites. Oops! Monday posts are not quiiiite the same, especially after 5 days away from the office. My alarm clock this morning was a cruel, cruel awakening.

The downside:

  • My contacts burn despite diligent cleaning, most likely due to an overabundance of chlorine, lake water and sunscreen spray
  • My lower back hurts because I used  muscles I don’t even possess racing BUTTERFLY of all things in the pool, which I haven’t done since I was oh, 14
  • There is not enough moisturizer in the world to balance out the last 5 days of outdoor summer fun
  • There’s a serious run looming ahead of me this evening to make a sad attempt at counter-balancing the gelato, Baked Ruffles (it doesn’t matter if they’re baked if you eat the whole bag), Thai food and more than a few Citron/Sodas consumed lately

The upside:

  • Its not a thousand degrees!
  • This is a pseudo-short week for me at work with a one-day business trip on Friday
  • I went into uber productive mode yesterday, cleaned my whole apartment and packed healthy lunches for the week – total reaction to being a huge bum for 5 days straight, but whatever works!
  • This has officially been the best summer ever, and there’s LOTS more fun coming up

Hang in there y’all!

Monday Motivation



My apologies for the iffy quality for this picture – it was a screenshot, which, if screenshots are against some sort of copyright law, then I apologize for that, too.  This was a facebook photo posted by a friend of a fbfriend with the caption that this was the 20th pincha mayurasana performed by the model on the right (I assume the FoFBF was the model on the left?).  Now apparently this pose isn’t as much about arm strength as it looks, but that’s hard for someone as uneducated on yoga for me to believe.  I’m sure there is some parallel truism in this statement where the logical conclusion would be for a reader to draw similarities from the photo caption to his or her own life: that perhaps what seems difficult at first glance is in fact, not.  But I’ll let you color your own ending Smile



Monday Motivation

What inspires you?  Apparently pinot noir inspires me because I’ve started to repaint the bar cart.  Again.  After considering my options, I had decided on a glossy white.  After more…um…careful consideration, I decided to have a bit of fun with the color.  Maybe I was inspired by and their incredible creativity (and fun motto: Live Sparkly!), maybe I just wanted a change, either way I’m excited for the outcome.  Stay tuned.

We hope you had a great weekend – happy Monday!