Happy Birthday Ali!


To the blue to my red,

the coffee to my cream,

the sauv to my blanc…

To the painter extraordinaire,

the on-the-spot-recipe genius,

the alley furniture hero,

the poufmaster (and all around great hair-posesser),

the sweeper of my broken glasses many other messes…

To my younger-older sister,

my best friend –

I love you!

Cheers to the great year I know you have ahead of  you.

Hippo birdie!


Thankful Thursday

I promise we’re not turning this into a self help blog. But, when I saw this clip this morning on my beloved Good Morning America, I knew I really wanted to share it. I absolutely love everything about Robin Roberts – she’s hilarious, self-deprecating and totally gorgeous but above all, incredibly strong and incredibly inspirational. Her positive ‘tude through her many trials and tribulations never seems to waver.

I was particularly moved by her message that we should all “Change the way you think to change the way you feel.” If she can maintain that kind of perspective from the position she’s in right now, I’m sure going to make this day a great day and remind myself to do the same every day.

Happy Thursday 🙂

Life Lately

 Life lately has been prettyyyy good. I’m going on record saying this will be the Best Summer Ever, so stay tuned. Though I’m pretty sure this heat wave is heralding the end of the world (the Aztecs were right!), we’re determined to make the most of every day in the sun. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few weeks…

Giant flag on the side of the Wrigley Building… America!

Birthday roses

Balance personified in my seastar – talked Ali into meeting me for a glass of wine after the gym!

Trapeze Chicago rig at night

Farmer’s Market loot


My awesome score from Nordstrom Rack – currant candle

If it’s a tiny bottle it doesn’t count – birthday celebrations

Sunset over the lake

Ingredient prep for Jamie Deen’s Charred Corn Salad for a July 3 BBQ tonight

Lazy days in the pool with my partner in crime

Life Lately

There’s a very obvious theme to these photos: 1. food/drinks 2. run outside. I have just recently gotten to that elusive place where I don’t totally HATE running, but its unlikely that I’ll ever love it. That being said, looking back at all of this FOOD, maybe I’ll run a litttleeee bit farther tonight…

Oh, except its going to be 95+ the next three days. Madness!


The best bloody mary’s have a tiny beer with them – at Milwaukee Ale House for a weekend trip for J’s birthday!

Pirate bar crawl by boat – when I took a picture he said, “Don’t twitter me timbers!” Then he handed out jello shots. Amazing.

The burger that almost did me in at Cafe Benelux – so ridiculously good!

Smoked salmon benedict at Kil@wat (dumb name, awesome food)

Back in Chicago, sailboats on Lake Michigan

Belmont Harbor, my favorite place in the world

Key lime tarts for our favorite guy in the world, about to be baked

Wine on the patio for my early birthday dinner/Father’s Day celebration with the fam

Personal sauteed mushroom appetizer – this is the only photo I got of my glorious dinner (the lobster on the grill was gone way too fast!)

Lazy Sunday reading on the beach at Fullerton


Happy Friday!

Two questions. 1. Why do short weeks always feel like the longest? 2. Can somebody, anybody, please tell us how it is already June? June 1! This is madness.

Some weekend reads!

Whether you’ll be having lots of fun this weekend or getting lots of R&R – enjoy! 🙂


Life Lately

I will never get sick of this skyline – Chicago from Belmont Harbor

Reading by Ali’s pool

Dulce de Leche and Red Velvet from Phoebe’s

Ali & I at dinner!

Ceiling stencils at Public House – so subtle but so pretty!

Shrimp tacos at the best Mexican patio in the city, Las Fuentes

At a neighborhood school, each student ties a ribbon to their fence to promote acceptance and celebrate diversity

My future boat – if I named my boat after myself

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. I have no idea how you guys do it – I’m lucky that Ali carries my weight when not contributing (and hopefully, vice versa!) These pictures do NOT take into account the past four rather insane days at work – I have a pretty nice office, but I have a feeling that would not make for as interesting of a post 🙂 I’m definitely looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Life Lately

Like Ali, I spent the weekend blissfully avoiding the protestors. My favorite moment was when I spotted two of them on my run, laying at Ohio Street beach with their big protestor boots next to them, obligatory black pants rolled up and their creepy V for Vendetta masks pushed back on their heads, just getting some sun. Unreal and hilarious. For more on the amazingness that is anti-war protestor fashion, check out Molly’s hilarious post – I snorted out my coffee on the bus laughing.

Here’s what I was up to instead:

1. Cubbies! The lovable los… I can’t even type it 2. My new favorite drink, the Moscow Mule 3. My handsome date and I at Luxbar 4. Murals at Oak Street for the summer’s first beach day with Ali on Saturday! 🙂 5. More shrimp than I’ve ever seen on one platter; don’t worry, they did not go to waste 6. Frozen yogurt concoction to battle the 90 degree + heat 7. This beautiful city from Navy Pier on a Sunday morning run 8. Inspired by Ali’s um, inspiration? 9. Counteracting shrimp + froyo + Moscow Mules with a healthy Sunday night dinner

This is going to be a super busy week with work and its a short one at that – heeeere we go! 🙂

Weekend Girl Crush – Lara Spencer

I am a Good Morning America fanatic. I watch it every. single. morning while I’m getting ready and drinking coffee. It’s not exactly hard-hitting news, but I just love all of the hosts – even tiny little George Stephanopoulos! But my absolute favorite is Lara Spencer. She’s stunning, articulate, and hilarious and frankly, it’s upsetting that she’s not my friend. (Yet.)

So imagine my surprise when she outed herself on GMA this week; she has a second life as… an interior decorator! She recently authored a book on her love of finding and redoing second-hand pieces. Since I have about four books going on my Kindle right now, I’m holding off on purchasing I Brake For Yard Sales but I dug around to find some of her design work and I’m so glad I did! There are no yard sales in Chicago, but tomorrow Ali and I are going to shop around some of the second hand stores to see what we can find, and I’m so excited.  I’m particularly obsessed with the red and white graphic sign in the last picture… how amazing is that?