Trash to treasure

Laura and I trekked to the Brown Elephant the other day to find some fun goodies for the respective casas.  Yes, I speak Spanish now that it’s almost Cinco de Mayo – that should have been obvious.  De todos mondos, we were shocked at some of the outrageous prices attached to what, honestly, should have had teensy little price tags attached to them, the only logical explanation being that they had a new (ahem, volunteer) appraiser.  Either that, or we passed up a few diamonds in the rough.

Here are a few of my lucky finds:


Mirrored box for…well, tbd.  VERY tarnished serving tray and bowl.  Perfect wine caraffe.  Close-up of the intricate detail on my soontobeshiny serving tray.

5 thoughts on “Trash to treasure

  1. Awesome finds! I am always super surprised about how expensive that place can be. Coming from Texas, thrift stores are pretty cheap, so its been a bit of adjustment when I thrift in the city. But given that the thrill is in the hunt…I press on 🙂

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