Uncovet Necklace Shirt Print Bag Notecard1

I love Uncovet.com. Much like Gilt, or Just Fab, Uncovet brings to its registered users a selection of goods that is crush worthy and cool, but Uncovet makes its case championing the new designer, the edgy collection and the chic find.

With new daily selections hand picked by Uncovet stylist, the online boutique gathers tshirts, charm bracelets and knick-knacks from design shops all over the web. This particular collection caught my eye on a chilly, pre-spring evening – check out the rest the site has to offer.

Uncovet Necklace Shirt Print Bag Notecard

Aquamarine Necklace $49; Audrey Hepburn Print $36; Petrified Wood Holder $27; FUCC Off Crewneck $70; Heirloom Tote – Cognac 270; ‘Well Hello There’ Notecards $19


The Langham Chicago

The word “slack” does not even approach the piles of neglect we’ve heaped on our poor little blog here. But I’ve been a travelling machine lately (not complaining! Just, you know, making excuses…) and here we are, a week later again.

On a flight recently, I saw a mention of The Langham, a new hotel slated to open in Chicago in summer of 2013. You may remember my love of luxury hotels from this post on Public Hotel, and it’s looking like The Langham is certainly going to hold its own here (even with it’s next-door location to the Trump!). They’re moving into the  first 13 floors of the IBM building, which sounds, well, less than appealing — but the building is actually a Chicago landmark thanks to its design by famed architect Mies van der Rohe.

With it’s River North location off of Wacker, I’m guessing there’s going to be a cocktail lounge or restaurant with some pretty serious river views and (fingers crossed!) patio seating.

But, to the important part — the design, by Richmond International. The muted grey, the Greek key patterns, the soft golds… too beautiful for words. Can I just move in now? Can I be the 28 year old Chicago-based Eloise here, please? Or even the Nanny?

Did that get weird? Sorry. Enjoy!



tlchi_2 tlchi_3 tlchi_4 tlchi_5

// All photos from The Langham’s Website

More on The Langham:



I dream of things shagreen!

We are having a moment with shagreen.  It all started with these beautiful Marcesa pillow-cases.

Shagreen Pillow Cases

Then it morphed into an all out obsession.  Suddenly this funny sounding pattern was appearing in everything we saw – from coffee mugs to iPhone cases, shagreen has infiltrated our lives and we’re loving it.  Named after the patterned skin of either a shark or a stingray, shagreen offers the color and texture combination that seems to perfectly accent any accessory. 

Shagreen Dream

Wedgewood Tea Cup, Leather Desk, Mint Clutch, iPhone cases, Leopard Cuff, Pillow Covers, Sally Rosen Card Holder

24 Hours in Denver

On Sunday night, I flew out to Denver for a meeting Monday afternoon with my company. Though it shortened my weekend, Denver’s been on my list of cities to visit for a while now and I’m glad I got a chance, albeit a quick one.

I stayed at the Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton brand hotel. Chicago has a Monaco too, but I’ve never been inside so I didn’t really know what I was in for.

It was amazing. I was greeted by a glass of strawberry mint water and two golden retrievers in the lobby. (In case you were wondering, they were not hotel dogs, though I seriously did ask the doorman that. What is wrong with me? “Um, no, miss – we’re just dog friendly.” Ah, right.) Then I looked around, took in the hand painted ceiling, crazy light fixtures and chairs with cow-hide pillows and decided I never wanted to leave. The two guys behind the front desk were great too, super friendly and full of recommendations for dinner that night.

The ceiling in the lobby. I need these light fixtures in my future!

Even though my room had a rather sad view of the parking garage, I loved it anyway – the design was so crazy but it totally worked. Check out all of the patterns! (I’m looking at you, Jessie!)

On the recommendation of the concierge, we wandered over to check out the Denver Chalk Art Festival at Larimer Square and I am so, so glad I did this. I’m a sucker for anything with twinkly lights, and the beautiful chalk drawings were just icing on the cake.

Though literally every single entry was ridiculously beautiful, these three were my favorites. Can you tell I like faces?

We wandered into a wine bar called Cru for dinner outside on the patio, and it turned out to be another huge win. I couldn’t take pictures of our dinner because I was with work company, but please believe me when I say that it was to die for. The lamb lollipops (I hate that name) were ridiculous and the tuna tartare was amazing too. Paired with a great glass of pinot noir, I was pretty happy despite technically “working” on a Sunday night!

I did manage to snap one shot of Cru’s interior – wine bottles all the way up the walls and great chandeliers.

The next day, we had lunch at Panzano in our hotel. Again, no pictures, but phenomenal food. I had the Panzanella Salad – which loosely translated means “the least-healthy salad of all time”, but so worth it. I want to go back to Denver just to eat everything I had between Sunday and Monday over again!

It was a whirlwind but a great trip. I’d totally go back with friends for a ski trip (and by “ski” I mean… sitting in a ski lodge drinking hot chocolate with Baileys). Chicago may be the most beautiful city in the world, but it is flat as a board and I am totally fascinated by mountains. I’d love to check out some of Denver’s outdoor activities. Who’s in? 🙂


Trash to treasure

Laura and I trekked to the Brown Elephant the other day to find some fun goodies for the respective casas.  Yes, I speak Spanish now that it’s almost Cinco de Mayo – that should have been obvious.  De todos mondos, we were shocked at some of the outrageous prices attached to what, honestly, should have had teensy little price tags attached to them, the only logical explanation being that they had a new (ahem, volunteer) appraiser.  Either that, or we passed up a few diamonds in the rough.

Here are a few of my lucky finds:


Mirrored box for…well, tbd.  VERY tarnished serving tray and bowl.  Perfect wine caraffe.  Close-up of the intricate detail on my soontobeshiny serving tray.

Chicago Home Tour

Between brunch and my appointment with the eye doctor yesterday, I spent a glorious two hours in Starbucks doing absolutely nothing but drinking mint green tea and browsing Chicago Magazine Home + Garden on my iPad. In retrospect, I should have continued with that lovely afternoon instead of heading on to the optometrist; I got talked into getting my eyes dilated and spent the afternoon looking like a shark and trying desperately to read work emails without going cross eyed. I decided it was a sign and spent the evening watching HGTV and The Client List  on demand… I am ashamed to admit just how much the latter.

I digress.

I saved some of my favorite photos from my virtual home tour to share with you. Chicago is known for its gorgeous architecture and I love that it’s just as beautiful inside as it is out. I hope you enjoy too!