You guys are not going to believe this, but my dear seeeester hates – and I mean HATES – St. Patrick’s Day. In Chicago, this holiday is a big deal. Two parades, we dye the river, everyone goes nuts. What’s not to love, right?

Well, Ali and I both bartended back in the college days and I believe there was an incident with a “leprechaun” accosting her (read: hired drunk midget dressed up to entertain the crowd… he was very in love) that mayyyy have turned her off from the holiday and its madness altogether.

So, I get it. But, this year I’m campaigning for her to come out and I think I’ve almost hooked her!

In an effort to push her over the edge and headfirst into a giant green beer, I’ve decided that the best bait is new gear for the festivities. In all honesty, I think the tacky t-shirts have probably contributed to her disgust over the years, so to combat any “but I have nothing to wearrrrr” objections at 7am Saturday morning (yes I’m serious), I’ve handily compiled all of these super cute and reasonably priced options for her.

You’re welcome, Ali!

Al: In addition,  I promise not to make you wear beads or shamrock stickers, wear any sort of headgear, let anyone foist an Irish Carbomb on you, and I will keep you far, far away from any “leprechauns”. Do we have a deal?

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