Hi, I’m Laura!

I’m obsessed with music, peanut butter and design. I love nerdy tech stuff, pretending I’m a chef and nights out with girlfriends. I like to learn about fitness, share weird viral videos and emails with friends and could not would not live anywhere besides this beautiful city of Chicago.

I’ve always loved art and design and studied Marketing at DePaul here in Chicago. I’ve lived in a few different neighborhoods, but I will forever consider the North Side home and have become the unsportiest Cubs fan by default.

I love my job in advertising. Eventually, my goal is to consult small businesses in creating and developing their brands and using technology and social media to market themselves.

I cannot snap, wink or flare my nose. These are not challenges, they are facts! I abuse emoticons like nobody’s business. God save the soul that comes across me pre-coffee, and please don’t find it offensive if I dash to the bathroom to wash my hand after shaking yours… I am obsessive on the hand-washing front. There is nothing in me that has any kind of ability to turn down a glass of champagne.

Most importantly, I look forward to getting to know you 🙂

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