I may have missed his birthday by a day or two, but I figure the 35th president of the USA would cut me some slack.  Though before my time, JFK and ‘The Kennedys’ in general have always held a special lure to people my age.  We’ve been told with the certain wistfulness that only comes with nostalgia, that it was a time when great Americans walked the earth, when neighbors did right by one another and when feelings of respect and candor were the undertones that laced the rhetoric of the nation.  It’s a bit sad that these descriptors imply times past – over – rather than current engagement or the sureness of future possibility.  It’s in that spirit I share a few candid photos of a man whom everyone can agree, represents goodness and humility to generations of Americans who similarly hope for greatness, regardless of the form that it might take. 







“I’m an idealist without illusions.”


At the shore


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Happy Memorial Day Weekend Friday!

Happy holiday weekend! We’re ridiculously excited for a long weekend of laying out at the pool at Ali’s (FINALLY!), good food and maybe some beach time mixed in there.

Sometimes the real meaning of the holiday gets lost in all of the first-official-weekend-of-summer-ness… but our grandfather was a soldier and it’s so important to remember why we have a day off. There will never be enough thanks for the members of our Armed Forces and their families who sacrifice so much so that we can enjoy the lives we do.


Life Lately

Like Ali, I spent the weekend blissfully avoiding the protestors. My favorite moment was when I spotted two of them on my run, laying at Ohio Street beach with their big protestor boots next to them, obligatory black pants rolled up and their creepy V for Vendetta masks pushed back on their heads, just getting some sun. Unreal and hilarious. For more on the amazingness that is anti-war protestor fashion, check out Molly’s hilarious post – I snorted out my coffee on the bus laughing.

Here’s what I was up to instead:

1. Cubbies! The lovable los… I can’t even type it 2. My new favorite drink, the Moscow Mule 3. My handsome date and I at Luxbar 4. Murals at Oak Street for the summer’s first beach day with Ali on Saturday! 🙂 5. More shrimp than I’ve ever seen on one platter; don’t worry, they did not go to waste 6. Frozen yogurt concoction to battle the 90 degree + heat 7. This beautiful city from Navy Pier on a Sunday morning run 8. Inspired by Ali’s um, inspiration? 9. Counteracting shrimp + froyo + Moscow Mules with a healthy Sunday night dinner

This is going to be a super busy week with work and its a short one at that – heeeere we go! 🙂