Kate Middleton’s Olympic Style

As Ali mentioned, we’ve been afflicted by the dreaded summer cold. Ali’s being really annoying about this whole thing and being healthy and creative, making Thai pork soup and painting. Meanwhile, I’ve been eating carrot ginger soup out of a box (at least its organic) and watching endless hours of the Olympics.

Do you know what my favorite part of the Olympics is?

Besides Ryan Lochte?

An endless parade of Kate Middleton photos. I’ve already owned up to not being the most adventurous when it comes to my sense of style (or lack thereof), and Kate’s classic, girly looks  are right up my alley. I’m thinking I need to invest in navy wedges and a navy blazer for fall to put all of my striped shirts to use. Oh, and probably a ball  gown too, just in case.

Images via Huffington Post & Wet Paint

Emily Maynard Fashion – Part Deux!

I know there have been a lot of differing opinions on the outcome of the season, but I love Emily and one-F Jef together. I think I really turned a corner in my opinion on one-F Jef after that whole puppet thing – while I know that expressing feelings via dolls on strings sounds like a total creepshow, they just looked like they had so much fun together!

“I really like your nail polish.” “Oh, thanks. I’m never going to change it.”

Anyway. I’m going to miss seeing what she wears every week, that’s for sure.  Whatever your feelings may be on her final decision, she did not disappoint (me, at least!)  in the fashion department. Between the dates, the rose ceremonies and her media appearances – I am seriously coveting her entire wardrobe. Here were some of my favorites:

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Book Review – Mrs. Kennedy and Me

I just finished Mrs. Kennedy and Me, a memoir by Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ lead secret service agent during the time JFK was in office. I can’t recommend this book enough. Even putting aside the obvious allure of the Kennedys, a peek into the way the Secret Service works is pretty fascinating in itself. Clint Hill earned the trust of a woman notoriously private by going out of his way to keep her safe while allowing her the one thing she wanted more than anything – freedom – to the best of his ability.

It was really touching to read about his dedication to her and the friendship that grew between the two during their time together and I loved reading as the dynamic between the two of them grew and changed.

However, the very obvious draw here is the intimate look into Jackie’s life and the book does not disappoint. I always knew she had some serious style, but I had no idea just how much she impacted JFK’s presidency and in short, how awesome she was. She led a life that most of us can’t even imagine, but the book shows this incredibly human side of her – mischievious, adventurous, and funny.

Read it! You’ll love it.

Ali, if I show up to your pool this weekend wearing a scarf on my head, you’ve been warned.

I’d really like to read One Special Summer, a book she authored with her sister about their summer together in Europe. Apparently they don’t have this for Kindle which frankly is baffling, but maybe I’ll go old-school and get the… hardcover?

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Happy Friday!

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Yay for Friday! Summer hours officially starts for both of us at work today… could anything be more glorious? We plan to spend what looks to be the perfect summer weekend doing lots of the above: lounging around outside with a cocktail or two. Life is tough.

We hope you had a great week and an even better weekend ahead of you! Here’s some fun weekend reads:


Happy Friday!

Two questions. 1. Why do short weeks always feel like the longest? 2. Can somebody, anybody, please tell us how it is already June? June 1! This is madness.

Some weekend reads!

Whether you’ll be having lots of fun this weekend or getting lots of R&R – enjoy! 🙂



I may have missed his birthday by a day or two, but I figure the 35th president of the USA would cut me some slack.  Though before my time, JFK and ‘The Kennedys’ in general have always held a special lure to people my age.  We’ve been told with the certain wistfulness that only comes with nostalgia, that it was a time when great Americans walked the earth, when neighbors did right by one another and when feelings of respect and candor were the undertones that laced the rhetoric of the nation.  It’s a bit sad that these descriptors imply times past – over – rather than current engagement or the sureness of future possibility.  It’s in that spirit I share a few candid photos of a man whom everyone can agree, represents goodness and humility to generations of Americans who similarly hope for greatness, regardless of the form that it might take. 







“I’m an idealist without illusions.”


Confessions of a Bachelorette Junkie

Does the phrase “First Impression Rose” make you a little anxious, sweaty and excited all at once?

Do you have an unnatural affinity for witnessing awkward, embarrassing pickup lines for 90 minutes straight every Monday?

Do you dream of drinking champagne every day for months, alternating transportation between limos, horses, and inexplicable vintage cars; and basically living in a hot tub?

If so, this post is for you.

Guys, I have a confession. Despite my refined, mature exterior (please, please read my sarcasm into that)… I have a strong, embarassing, all-encompassing love for the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. Yes, I am totally aware that no one makes it as a couple besides Trisha and that hot fireman, but I really just can’t get enough.

It’s all of my favorite things – romance! Drama! Humor! People watching in the extreme!

JB watched it with me once, in absolute and total horror of the douchebaggery (sp?) of Brad Womack and the many, many crying girls on his season. I was ridiculed for days and I resolved then and there that this is a solo activity;  my Monday night Laura time with nothing except a giant glass of wine and my own commentary.

Sadly, just a few seasons later, I’m already breaking that resolution – I need to discuss! I just love Emily Maynard so much. Everyone does, right? You just can’t help but want to be her friend and want good things and fairytale romances for her! Oh, that’s just me?

Anyway. If you can’t get on the board with the show, maybe you can get on board with her ridiculously cute style. I can’t believe there aren’t more pictures of her out there, but I’m sure this will change soon. I would literally wear all of this, and fake a Southern accent just to really get creepy with it.


>> All pictures via Pinterest

Did you watch the Bachelorette last night? Who’s your favorite? I am a big Ryan fan so far – his sign was too cute!

White House Correspondents Dinner

Does anyone know what, exactly, is the purpose of the White House Correspondents Dinner? Is it just journalists and celebrities hanging out being awesome together? Is it a fundraiser? A benefit? I’ve read about 5 descriptions now and they all just keep calling it “the Nerd Prom”. Helpful.

There’s a few sources that claim Rick Santorum was taking photos of Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians… guess we dodged a bullet there!

Anyway, it sure makes for some great photos. I tried to sort out the pictures of those pesky journalists and politicians in the way of my favorite dresses – you’re welcome.

Confusingly brunette but still stunning Ivanka Trump and her husband

Elle MacPherson makes me want to do pilates

Irina Shayk in the coolest dress ever

Obsessed with Charlize Theron’s dress!

My love for all things Chrissy Teigen grows exponentially with this gorgeous red dress

>> Pictures via Vanity Fair, Huffington Post and Yahoo!