Life Lately

Chicago Oak Street Beach Picture

Oak street beach – early morning – Friday off of work.  Enough said.

Stacked Mint and Gold Bracelets

Stacked gold and mint bracelets, so perfect for summer and that wear-everywhere lbd.

Chicago Skyline at Sunset Picture

An incredibly muggy Chicago on an amazing Sunday funday eve.

Lake Geneva Lakefront Photo

An escape to Lake Geneva with family for the Fourth of July – what could be better?

Skeleton Key Coat Hook Picture

Skeleton key coat hanger – currently storing my scarves for a chillier month.

Man in the Sea Photo

My favorite Nat Geo photo – a man, a legend, said to live in the sea, drink only seawater and eat only fish.

Summer Umbrella Photo

The perfect way to spend a hot afternoon – my sister, an umbrella and some incredible sunshine.



Heat Wave

Sorry we’ve been blacking this week.

Oh, what do I mean by that?

Blog slacking, obviously.

I’ve been really weird about combining words lately. Someone threw two noodles into the lake over the Fourth at Lake Geneva and I screamed, “twodles!” Ali wasted no time informing me that was prettyyyyyyyy lame. I’m pretty sure the heat is getting to me. It recently occurred to me that our world right now is as hot as a Bikram yoga studio, and I don’t even like hot yoga!

I know complaining about the heat wave is lame and I’ve already done it like 16 times, but seriously, all we can do is eat cold food and practice dolphin flips in the pool.

So, today we’re heading to Oak Street Beach for a change of scenery. I know you east and west coasters probably think we’re nuts going to a lake and calling it The Beach like its Cabo San Lucas, but seriously, Chicago’s beaches are incredibly beautiful.

Chicago's Oak Street Beach

Yep, we import palm trees. Via this great photo gallery.

I stumbled upon this awesome photo gallery from the Chicago Tribune archives when searching for photos to prove it to you. Pretty cool (and maybe a little humbling) to realize that my fellow Chicago residents have been doing the exact same thing Ali and I will be doing today to beat the heat for pretty much ever… just with a lot more Playboy.

Life Lately

Like Ali, I spent the weekend blissfully avoiding the protestors. My favorite moment was when I spotted two of them on my run, laying at Ohio Street beach with their big protestor boots next to them, obligatory black pants rolled up and their creepy V for Vendetta masks pushed back on their heads, just getting some sun. Unreal and hilarious. For more on the amazingness that is anti-war protestor fashion, check out Molly’s hilarious post – I snorted out my coffee on the bus laughing.

Here’s what I was up to instead:

1. Cubbies! The lovable los… I can’t even type it 2. My new favorite drink, the Moscow Mule 3. My handsome date and I at Luxbar 4. Murals at Oak Street for the summer’s first beach day with Ali on Saturday! 🙂 5. More shrimp than I’ve ever seen on one platter; don’t worry, they did not go to waste 6. Frozen yogurt concoction to battle the 90 degree + heat 7. This beautiful city from Navy Pier on a Sunday morning run 8. Inspired by Ali’s um, inspiration? 9. Counteracting shrimp + froyo + Moscow Mules with a healthy Sunday night dinner

This is going to be a super busy week with work and its a short one at that – heeeere we go! 🙂