By Boe



Probably a very late-comer to the party, I first found by boe on Haute Look.  The self proclaimed “cult” jewelry line has been around since 2000, with the brain behind the design, Annika Inez, opening shop in Manhattan.  Her attention to detail and playful mix of materials makes the line adored by celebrities, showcased in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit edition and coveted by the girl next door.  Fortunately for all, by boe has expanded from it’s NYC location and is available through their online portal of goodness,


1.  Hardware Bracelet

2.  Little Cubilete Bracelet

3.  Dart Bracelet

4.  Leather Coil Bangle



5.  Luxe Leather Ring

6.  Diamond Earrings

7.  Kai Earrings

8.  Rain Earrings



9.  Smitten Necklace

10.  Amazon Necklace

11.  Hammock Necklace