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Tuesday Tunes: Imagine Dragons

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If you do one thing today, check out Imagine Dragons’ new full-length album, Night Visions. I’ve been listening to the EP for months and eagerly awaiting the additional tracks, and they definitely do not disappoint.

They’re a four piece band out of Vegas, reminiscent of OneRepublic’s anthemic sound on a lot of the tracks (Bleeding Out), but channeling the Killers with an edgier sound on some of their tracks (Radioactive).

I can listen to the whole album straight through without any desire to skip a song, but my favorite tracks are It’s Time, Bleeding Out, On Top of the World and Cha-Ching.

Fun fact: I’ve always found their name kind of bizarre, but then I read on Wikipedia that their name is an anagram of their original band name – to date, they have not revealed the original name. WHAT IS IT?! These kind of puzzles make me crazy. If you’re heading to Google “anagram” now, here you go 🙂

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