Northern Lights Over Teepees in Yellowknife, Canada


I cannot even begin to make sense of the tragedy in Sandy Hook. But really, who will ever be able to do that? I can’t stop reading the news, looking at photos, trying to understand. These are heartbreaking days, and my thoughts and prayers are constantly with the families of the 28 that we lost in a senseless act of violence.

My blog-friend Sean wrote this great post with a reminder to reach out to those who might be silently suffering, who might need a little human connection. It just has to stop going this far.

My grandfather sent me these photos in an email this morning. When I saw them, I wondered how something like this could be of the same planet that we live on today.

This blog is typically about lighter things — food, fun, etc. so this is a bit random, I know, but I thought that the most productive thing I could contribute today would be something this astonishingly, radiantly beautiful.





(I searched for a while to try to find the original source of the images from the email. I am fairly certain they’re from Aurora Village, the company that sets up these teepee viewings.)


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