Winterizing: BB Cream and Moroccan Oil

Every year around December, my child-like joy in anything and everything sparkly and holiday related can be tamped down by very little. That very little, however, includes my hair and skin feeling like I’ve spent the last week or so getting my ostrich on with my head in the sand.

My skin gets SO dry in the winter, but I have a patent fear of over-moisturizing and ending up with greasy hair (gross) or greasy skin (so gross).

Being the grown-up that I am, I am conquering my fears one by one at Walgreens, embracing moisturizing products all around and winterizing myself. I recently purchased two new products that I am loving and thought I’d share.

BB cream (“beauty balm” = BB) is newer to the US and Garnier’s version costs about $10 at drugstores or Target. It touts itself as a “miracle cream” and while I’m thinking we should reserve the word “miracle” this time of year for the baby Jesus, it is pretty amazing. It moisturizes, is lightly tinted, brightens with vitamin C, has anti-aging properties, and protects with SPF. I wear it alone at work or under foundation if I’m going out. My skin not only looks better with it on, but I’ve also noticed that it just looks more even generally, even without any makeup at all.

Moroccan oil has long freaked me out. You want me to put OIL in my super-fine (read: flat and lifeless) hair? I’m good, thanks.

However, I caved when I saw some pictures  with my hair looking uber-fried and figured I could at least use it at night to try to restore some moisture. Imagine my surprise when my hair wasn’t even remotely greasy in the morning, but shiny, soft and weirdly extra bouncy. I purchased Organix Light Moroccan Argan Oil for about $10 and I swear that my hair has grown at least half an inch since that fateful day 3 weeks ago. (If you’re one of those annoying people with hair that grows like a weed, I applaud your luck but this is HUGE for me!)

Maybe next I’ll go nuts and buy cuticle oil. Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Winterizing: BB Cream and Moroccan Oil

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