RPM Italian – The Look

Our RPM Italian dream has finally come true.  One warm September evening, Laura and I thought to ourselves, what could be the harm in just calling them to see when their next rezzie was? As it turns out, others had the same idea, because the next available weekend reservation was in November.  We snatched that bad boy up, marked our calendars and began the countdown.

With November creeping up, we eagerly looked forward to our hot date with mouths watering and menus favorite-d on google.  While I’d love to tell you about the delicious eats, I think it’s more important to tell you about the real event – what we wore!

Only kidding, I’m not crazy, we had the bolognese, I know who the star of this show is (food!).  But since Laura is out of town on business – and she holds the pics – the best we can do is give you a peek at the outfits.  Sorry to disappoint 🙂



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