It’s raining apples


It’s raining apples.  Well, not really, but I still give a lot of credit to the mid-west orchards for trying. I’ve been dying to visit an orchard all summer, but figured I’d wait until fall when my favorite Honeycrisp apples were at their crispiest. Little did I know, mother nature was not a fan to apples this year, and after doing some research, found the majority of the orchards in the area apologetically explaining that the crop was just not meant for picking this year. Color me heartbroken.

Then I came across County Line Orchard, it’s website similarly mentioned the hard season, but went on to explain that the passionate staff so understood the desire for city-slickers like me to come pick apples, that they manually hung apples on the trees to be plucked. Packing the beautifully manicured orchard with gutters full of apples, it seems the staff poked fun at the run of bad luck, and told Mother Nature herself to go somewhere else. The day we visited was cold and grey, but it made the tractor rides, corn maze and seasonal eats that much more enjoyable.


I channeled my high-school bus riding days, and sat in the back of the tractor.  I’m a rebel.


A gift from God.


The orchard had two corn mazes: after tackling this decently maintained version, we moved onto the larger of the two, where the only thing to lead us out was the smell of pumpkin spice donuts – without we might have been there for days.


I suppose signs for “maze exit” would have been more helpful!


One of the pumpkin patches packed full of orange beauties.


Pretty much the only reason we made it out of the maze: roasted corn and fried dill pickles.


The most coconut-looking squash I’ve ever seen.


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