Things we learned from the P/VP Debates

While we usually prefer our politics with a side of humor and formyourowneducatedopinion, we did learn a few key things from the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates we thought it might be helpful to share.  You know, since politics and televised debates relate pretty directly to your every day lives, or really any time you’re instructed to sit on a tall stool on a huge stage and look comfortable and natural for 2 hours.

1.  It’s cool to interrupt.  “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish…..”

2.  To be in politics, you must have white teeth

3. Except if you’re Paul Ryan, then you just never show your teeth

4. We want to drink with Joe Biden.  No seriously, try using TIME’s debate drinking game suggestions.  We would also recommend one last addition – drink every time Ryan or Romney answers a question with a personal anecdote (including a pointed mention of town and state).  We promise you a good time…and likely a hangover.

5. There’s a Gangnam Style tie in to just about everything.

6. ‘China’ is a dirty word

7. To be a moderator, you must be a masochist. There is a nice alliterative ring to the two words if you play TIME’s drinking game before saying.

8. Sometimes, yes EVEN in a professional political debate, there might be someone under the table, tickling your toes.  You just never, never know.

Joe Biden Laughing

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