London Bound


Image via Jessica’s Little Shop of Illustrations on Etsy

I’m totally going to go back and read the Secret again, because I’m pretty sure the laws of attraction kicked in and my recent fascination with London (evidenced here) led me straight to a very unexpected but very exciting two-week stint there for work.

I’m off on Monday and ridiculously excited, both for the work project and to spend the rest of my time exploring the city. There is SO much to see and I was starting to get anxious about how on earth I’d ever choose until I stumbled on to Kate Spade’s London City Guide. It’s helpful because it doesn’t include every single thing in London, but is a quick list of just a few cafes, parks, museums and markets so at least I have a small list to start with!

Have you been to London? What is the one thing I MUST do there? Do you think I can pick up an accent in 12 days? Fingers crossed!


5 thoughts on “London Bound

  1. This is so exciting! I’ve never been to London so I have nothing to offer you except that I hope you’re having fun.
    I just saw one of your pics pop up on Twitter… I hadn’t read this post so I was thinking, “That doesn’t look like Chicago?!?”
    When you come back I’d love to hear about your trip over some grasshoppers!!

    • I had every intention of blogging away while I’m here but that has proven a little bit harder than anticipated – will definitely do a full write-up though when I get back! An amazing city, you would totally love it, I’m sure 🙂

      Yes, let’s chat over some hoppers! (Weirdest sentence ever…) Maybe the last week of Oct that goes into November some time? I’ll email you when it gets sooner so we can figure it out!

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