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We’ve been saying goodbye to summer in the city by finally getting around to all those things we meant to do during the summer: picnics in the park, walks along the river, actually taking the water taxi all the way down to Chinatown, having a drink with the most interesting man in the world….no, seriously:

And while we’ve already switched our sandals for Steve Madden ankle boots and moved from shades of mint to deep burgundy sweaters, we’re definitely enjoying the last few warm afternoons in our favorite city. 

Belmont Park Picnic

A little illegal smuggling never hurts!  Picnic at Belmont Harbor.

pizza- scoozi

The most amazing thin crust pizza from Scoozi with roasted portabello mushrooms, baby arugula, ricotta and porcini pesto.  Easily enough to feed 4 but sommmmeeehoooww we couldn’t find 2 other friends….

Chicago Fountain

Centennial Fountain, one of my Chicago Unicorns (you believe it exists, you just haven’t seen it yet!) from the inside.


Fruity red sangria to help me recover the feeling in my toes after thinking it was a good idea to stand in said fountain.

Chicago Water Taxi

View from the water taxi on the way down to chinatown.

navy pier

The enclosed arboretum at Navy Pier.


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