Bridge House Tavern

We’ve certainly confessed our love for Bridge House Tavern before.  What’s not to like about river-front brunch and $5 mimosas, you silly thing?  This past weekend I was in full mustenjoylastmomentsofsummer mode and dragged my tired behind to Bridge House early on Saturday morning.

Knowing that I was coming, obviously, the head chef must have made an executive decision to include an entire section of the menu dedicated to me, and called it the “Hangover Helper” section.  It included such delicate delicacies as Chicken and Waffles (which includes, for the record, not just chicken and waffles as the vague title implies, but also bacon, eggs and house made sausage gravy), Corned Beef Hash and my order, Huevos Rancheros.

Stuffed with chorizo and spilling out delicious corn and black bean morsels from it’s crispy tostada hat, this creation was to die for.  3 mimosas, 17 architecture tour envious stares and an eventful water taxi ride later, and I was back in action.






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