To Fashion Week We Go…


Please God, let me see women on boxes!

In a bizarre twist of fate, I am headed to Fashion Week in New York. Or the kick-off of it, anyway. Yes, me, the dubious writer of the (cleverly titled, if I do say so myself) WTFashion. I know, I totally don’t deserve this.

But, I’ll take it!

Its actually not THAT bizarre since one of my oldest and dearest friends, Shai, has a fabulous  fashion blog called DrunkOnShoes and naturally, she is taking the blogosphere by storm. I had to say fabulous, forgive me  – I’m in full on SATC mode right now. She’s invited to a bunch of awesome events and I’m SO happy to be along for the ride!

We’re headed out tonight and I have a two hour flight to master the DSLR so I can do her justice for her blog – totally doable, right?

I’m so excited I can’t sit still! Cocktails with an old friend, checking out the set up of NYFW, celeb stalking, visiting some NYC buddies, exploring and eating, of course, a lot.

Wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “To Fashion Week We Go…

  1. bwahahaha~ amazeballs. no we did not see women on boxes but we did see man in 7 inch louboutins and space goggles on train. i’d say that’s just as good.

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