Randolph Street Market


Randolph Market_Life is Beauty-full

I think I comfortably speak for both of us when I say that the Randolph Street Market far surpassed our best expectations.  Though it was quite a trek (trains, planes and automobiles…no joke) and possibly one of the hotter days of the year, we spent hours perusing the incredibly diverse stalls and pressing our eager little noses against cases of vintage Chanel and crocodile Temporis watches.  We made a few fun purchases, avoided the luring temptation of crystal chandeliers and walked home happy.  We’re already looking forward to next month.

Randolph Market_Laura

Randolph Market_Gypsy Roads

Randolph Market_Softballs

Randolph Market_scene

Randolph Market_frames

Randolph Market_Jewelry Case

Randolph Market_antler decor

Randolph Market_CTA style

Randolph Market_Jewelry Spoils

6 thoughts on “Randolph Street Market

  1. Your pics have totally convinced me. I’ve always stayed away because of the admission… I mean, really? I have to pay to pay for things? Buuuuuuut, I’m thinking it might be time to give it a try.

    • I thought that was pretty crazy, too. Except – each of those pieces of jewelry was between $.50 and $1.00, so I do feel like that alone made it worth it! Also, we purchased our tix ahead of time for $8 instead of paying $10 at the door, which somehow SEEMS much better! Maybe it’s the double-digits thing 🙂

  2. There is really no other market in Chicago that compares. Around 250 to 300 antique and vintage vendors, local food vendors, booze, a band, a dj, appraising, a record swap, indie designers and more….can’t beat it! A few are similar, but not the same. If you are a student, it is only $5! – Laura R. (a chicago native)

  3. Oh, yea….the last INDOOR/OUTDOOR market is Sept 29+30…….for the winter it is indoors….the outdoor market does not start up again until May 2013 after this September 2012. Book your Sept. calendar!

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