I have super-fine, fairly uninteresting hair.

I’ve never gotten a blowout before yesterday because frankly, I didn’t see the point. My hair is already incredibly straight, and whenever I’ve asked for more volume when getting my hair dried after highlights and a cut, I absolutely hate the result – it always looks cheesy and fluffy.

But when I heard about Blowtique opening in River North, I had to give it a try.

I had dinner plans at Sunda with JB last night and since I already had a dress, I thought not spending money on a new dress would be a good excuse to you know, spend money differently.

The experience was nice – the girl that did my hair was super sweet, the place was really cute, and I was in and our in 35 minutes flat for $40 including tip.

Here’s my result: my hair in the morning and post-blowout… I wasn’t blown away (excuse pun) but I thought it had a little more movement and wave than usual.

*please excuse incredibly awkward self-pics… how do you guys do it?!

What do you think? Worth it? Do blowouts just have a better result on thicker, longer hair or do I just need to keep trying until I find a blowout that works for me?

6 thoughts on “Blowtique

  1. Honestly your hair looks great both ways but for $40, I could walk out of Forever 21 with a cute blazer I could wear multiple times. I think I’d want a little more out of my $40! But it does look really cute. And I’m SUPER awkward with self portraits. It never goes well for me.


    • Seriously! Blazer AND earrings! 🙂 I bought the kind of brush they used so I can try to give myself a little more oomph from home and NOT wash $40 out in the shower the next morning 🙂

  2. I’ve never had a blowout either. But I love your reasoning to splurge. Too funny.

    Also, sort of off topic, we had brunch at Sunda on Sunday and it was delicious. I’m dying to get back there for dinner. What a gorgeous place! Was your meal fantastic?

    • Ooooh… I liked them on Facebook and I always drool over their “East Meets West” Brunch – looks so amazing! And to answer your question, yes, our meal was amazing. The sushi is always outsta and but I think I have to say that our lemongrass beef skewers that we got for an appetizer stole the show. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Now I’ll have to go back for brunch and spend MORE money…!

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