The Velvet Mani

About 90% of the time, I have nude fingernails, and red toesies. There’s a big change up once a year: in spring and summer, my pedicure is an orange-y red and fall and winter means a more classic red. Watch out, world!

Boring, I know. But while I may stick with the classics, I find all of these crazy manicures lately so interesting. Remember the magnetic mani? The shatter? The caviar?

Now, we welcome the Velvet Mani. The British nail polishier (totally not a word) Ciate created small kits so that you too can have velvet-like nails. Available for $19 at Sephora, apparently its a fairly easy process. Just polish, sprinkle crushed velvet powder over each nail, then brush off the excess – et voila! Fuzzy nails.

Someone please do this so I can see this in real life and my boring nails and I can pet your nails.

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7 thoughts on “The Velvet Mani

  1. Love it. I just need to find a place that does good and *cheap* manicures here. Oh, and of course, the set. Which will probably reach Spain in 2,000 light years. We’re so behind on all of this stuff.

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