WTFashion: Fall 2012 Top Trends

This weekend, I went maxi-skirt hunting with the best shopping good-luck charm ever – my mama! – and while I did eventually find the skirt, it was pretty disorienting to see fall clothing already on display. Since it’s about a thousand degrees outside and I have zero intentions of leaving this building, I thought I’d check out what’s coming in fall fashion on my lunch hour.

Now, let me just start by saying that I’m a total girl’s girl. I love to shop, get dressed up, and plan out new outfits.

That said, generally speaking, I am completely baffled by reported trends and pretty much anything that comes down a runway.

> Via

Yeah, I know my Midwestern roots are totally showing with this post, but come on.  Is it just me or do these “looks” feel like you’re watching a movie poking fun at or parodying fashion? “Wax On”? Really? How does the “Shakespeare in Love” look lend itself to my closet?


How on earth does the average person see a rubber dress and interpret that into their own personal wardrobe? Fashion bloggers, my (gigantic, fuzzy, madhatter’s?) hat is off to you.

I would consider myself a creative person, but I’m really pushing it to translate the above with real-life possibilities for this fall. I’ll just be sitting here waiting for Pinterest and the fashion blogs of the world to show me how it’s done.

4 thoughts on “WTFashion: Fall 2012 Top Trends

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