A little soul in our lives

Though it was a Monday – a hot and muggy Monday, long anticipated and dreaded in the way solely reserved for Mondays – we packed our work bags accordingly and vowed to make it to the weekly opening concert in the Pritzker Pavilion in Millenium Park.  We weren’t quite sure how we would feel about the “Screaming Eagle of Soul,” Charles Bradley but were immediately charmed  by his incredible passion and equally incredible voice. Armed with wine and snacks (jalepeno hummus, organic strawberries and blackberries) and our trusty towel for two, we headed over to the steamy park for some Monday night entertainment.  Amazed and delighted (and at times – let’s keep it honest, sister – dismayed) by the variety of fashion, shoesorlackthereof and hairstyles, we settled in for a night of good music and better people watching.

Pritzker pavilion 2

Pritzker Pavilion Concert 2

Pritzker pavilion 1

Picnic Snacks

Pritzker Pavilion Concert

Picnic Snacks 2

Big strawberry – tiny stem-hat!  I was obsessed Smile

Chicago River Kayak

Chicago river kayakers on my walk home.

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