It’s Birchbox Day!!!


This month’s Birchbox was a happy and colorful little package of…well, just okay stuff.  Sorry Birchbox.  We all know how excited I get when the adorable pink box just appears each month, but I think that the old BB made the classic boyfriend mistake: you set the bar just a little bit too high for yourself. 

While last month’s amazing Stila bronzer is still being carefully rationed and used only on my most fabulous of summer outings, this month’s mints and (*cough* relatively garishly colored *cough*) headphones will likely land in the bottom of my purse.  Though I am intrigued by the unique Ginger Pear flavor and will certainly be rocking some Mad Men style winged eyeliner, I’m already getting myself excited to see what next month will bring Smile






2 thoughts on “It’s Birchbox Day!!!

    • That’s actually very exciting to hear! Usually I assume the perfumes are random throw-ins and don’t give them much thought, but I’ll definitely give this one a try 🙂

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