Case of the Mondays

From iwastesomuchtime

I look exactly like that cat. I just realized that we totally forgot to do our Happy Friday post, and those are our favorites. Oops! Monday posts are not quiiiite the same, especially after 5 days away from the office. My alarm clock this morning was a cruel, cruel awakening.

The downside:

  • My contacts burn despite diligent cleaning, most likely due to an overabundance of chlorine, lake water and sunscreen spray
  • My lower back hurts because I used  muscles I don’t even possess racing BUTTERFLY of all things in the pool, which I haven’t done since I was oh, 14
  • There is not enough moisturizer in the world to balance out the last 5 days of outdoor summer fun
  • There’s a serious run looming ahead of me this evening to make a sad attempt at counter-balancing the gelato, Baked Ruffles (it doesn’t matter if they’re baked if you eat the whole bag), Thai food and more than a few Citron/Sodas consumed lately

The upside:

  • Its not a thousand degrees!
  • This is a pseudo-short week for me at work with a one-day business trip on Friday
  • I went into uber productive mode yesterday, cleaned my whole apartment and packed healthy lunches for the week – total reaction to being a huge bum for 5 days straight, but whatever works!
  • This has officially been the best summer ever, and there’s LOTS more fun coming up

Hang in there y’all!

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