Heat Wave

Sorry we’ve been blacking this week.

Oh, what do I mean by that?

Blog slacking, obviously.

I’ve been really weird about combining words lately. Someone threw two noodles into the lake over the Fourth at Lake Geneva and I screamed, “twodles!” Ali wasted no time informing me that was prettyyyyyyyy lame. I’m pretty sure the heat is getting to me. It recently occurred to me that our world right now is as hot as a Bikram yoga studio, and I don’t even like hot yoga!

I know complaining about the heat wave is lame and I’ve already done it like 16 times, but seriously, all we can do is eat cold food and practice dolphin flips in the pool.

So, today we’re heading to Oak Street Beach for a change of scenery. I know you east and west coasters probably think we’re nuts going to a lake and calling it The Beach like its Cabo San Lucas, but seriously, Chicago’s beaches are incredibly beautiful.

Chicago's Oak Street Beach

Yep, we import palm trees. Via this great photo gallery.

I stumbled upon this awesome photo gallery from the Chicago Tribune archives when searching for photos to prove it to you. Pretty cool (and maybe a little humbling) to realize that my fellow Chicago residents have been doing the exact same thing Ali and I will be doing today to beat the heat for pretty much ever… just with a lot more Playboy.

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