Baseball games and street fairs…

On Friday I have a glorious day off of work.  These days come few and far between, and fewer even when it’s a warm summers day.  I had planned a day at the pool, lounging and relaxing, but was given a last minute invite to the Cubs game – poor me!  Jokes aside, this presented a bit of a wardrobe dilemma.  The largest block party in the US happens annually right here in Chicago and coincidentally, occurs this Friday night.  Known as Old Saint Pat’s Block Party, this yearly street fest is known for it’s drinking and dancing, but actually has a lesser known good side: proceeds support the mission and outreach activities of Old St. Pat’s including the Education Center, the Outreach Group, Horizons For Youth, Career Transitions Center of Chicago and Global Alliance for Africa.  I however, am attending for the 5 drink tickets included in the admit price 🙂

Jokes aside, this packed day of Chicago fun  caused me to stop, think and shop for an appropriate day to night outfit on a Friday that promises to bring the heat and the walking.  How do you typically go from an afternoon baseball game to a lets-try-to-look-impressive-after-being-out-all-afternoon-no-no-I-only-had-one-beer-what?-okay-fine-three-sue-me! type evening?  Here’s my choice and stay tuned for results!


For those counting – the ring reads: Be free spirited, Live, Love & Laugh.  I intend to do just that. 

3 thoughts on “Baseball games and street fairs…

  1. Don’t I know your pain! Every time I go a Mariner’s game and then need to impress the ladies late-night 🙂 Now, a Seahawks game on the other hand, I don’t even try to pretend that I’ll be impressing anyone, during or after

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