Motivation :)

Seriously, get on it, readers.

Hey, since you’re the only to give a flying fu….hoot about our amazing chickenlemonbacongarlic creation, we thought we’d dedicate this post to you in a sad, pinterest-reliant attempt to inspire the rest of our readers to trust us on this chicken.  Or really any of our other recipes.  Please enjoy this pinned post courtesy of our ONE commenter, our love of this chicken for not one, two but THREE meals in a row and also, just because we love to cook.

Sarcasm aside, we love each like, comment and repost….you guys keep us motivated Smile  Thanks for your loyalty and comments!

squash chips, coconut shrimp with pineapple dipping sauce, baked eggplant/tomato/feta, black bean quasodillas, pasta with chicken and tomatoes, ginger potatoes latkes with herbed goat cheese, lime-honey chicken skewers, veggie spring rolls, Greek chicken salad.


2 thoughts on “Motivation :)

  1. Boom. Thanks ladies.

    PS- How does a post on a recipe that includes bacon only get one comment? ONE COMMENT FOR BACON? C’mon, blogosphere.

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