Sister sushi night

Sometimes all you need is an oyster.  It’s almost surprising that’s not a real saying! No?  The other night we ducked out of work early (read: on time for once!) to stroll through our toasty city up to the oh-so-cool Union Sushi and BBQ Bar.  Despite rave reviews from my favorite food critic, this was my first visit to the recent River North addition and we had a great time!  Sampling the oysters and indulging in a few happy hour cocktails, we managed to chat our way through a few delicious maki rolls and walk out a few hours later with our wallets intact and our stomachs very happy.  We’ll be back soon, Union!


The ever lovely Laura, signing off for the evening to enjoy an adorable pink drink made with Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila, Aperol, Blood Orange, Agave, Lime and Hopped Grapefruit Bitters.


Oysters on the half-shell, topped with red tobiko, crispy shallots, green onion and a cilantro/jalapeno ponzu sauce.  We – of course – dressed these little ladies up with a dash of siracha and enjoyed not one, but two rounds of goodness.



Beef filet skewers with ginger soy sauce – seared on the robata grill Union made newly ubiquitous in Chicago.


Shrimp tempura roll (bad in that ohmygoodsooooogood way) and the crispy, smoked salmon skin roll.  A wise chica I know once referred to salmon skin as “pretty much like fish bacon,” and while said chica will remain nameless, I absolutely vouch for the analogy!


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