Life Lately

There’s a very obvious theme to these photos: 1. food/drinks 2. run outside. I have just recently gotten to that elusive place where I don’t totally HATE running, but its unlikely that I’ll ever love it. That being said, looking back at all of this FOOD, maybe I’ll run a litttleeee bit farther tonight…

Oh, except its going to be 95+ the next three days. Madness!


The best bloody mary’s have a tiny beer with them – at Milwaukee Ale House for a weekend trip for J’s birthday!

Pirate bar crawl by boat – when I took a picture he said, “Don’t twitter me timbers!” Then he handed out jello shots. Amazing.

The burger that almost did me in at Cafe Benelux – so ridiculously good!

Smoked salmon benedict at Kil@wat (dumb name, awesome food)

Back in Chicago, sailboats on Lake Michigan

Belmont Harbor, my favorite place in the world

Key lime tarts for our favorite guy in the world, about to be baked

Wine on the patio for my early birthday dinner/Father’s Day celebration with the fam

Personal sauteed mushroom appetizer – this is the only photo I got of my glorious dinner (the lobster on the grill was gone way too fast!)

Lazy Sunday reading on the beach at Fullerton


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