Siiiiiister night!



So tonight was a long overdue sister night.  Being two YUPs relatively busy with our respective busy careers and personal lives, sometimes it’s hard to carve out time only for each other.  That being said, I think we do a pretty bang up job, particularly when food is involved…I mean, obviously.

Tonight – with a looming Birthday on the Beach party on the horizon – we opted for healthy.  We sautéed the perfect mix of boneless/skinless chicken breasts and thighs in a (naturally!) fat-free buffalo sauce for a minimum of 40 minutes – low and slow, baby!  During the cooktime, we mixed a packet of ranch dressing into low-fat sour cream and washed and shucked a beautiful, firm head of cabbage for wrapping.  Laura was insistent that we let the shredded chicken cool for a minimum of 15 minutes to reach room temperature prior to creating our cabbage packets.  Though I hate to admit it, the temperate chicken, cool ranch and crisp cabbage came together to complement each other perfectly.  The only thing that would have made the meal more complete, was a chilled Sauvigon Blanc…I do wish we wouldn’t have finished that bottle before dinner….

Oops Smile




9 thoughts on “Siiiiiister night!

  1. so, i totally made these the other night for my roomie and i — wow, what a hit!! SOOOOO good, what a great idea!!! i will blog about it and link to yours, if that is okay with you. i’m so happy to replace my monday night wings with these much healthier snacks!!! thanks again for sharing!

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