I may have missed his birthday by a day or two, but I figure the 35th president of the USA would cut me some slack.  Though before my time, JFK and ‘The Kennedys’ in general have always held a special lure to people my age.  We’ve been told with the certain wistfulness that only comes with nostalgia, that it was a time when great Americans walked the earth, when neighbors did right by one another and when feelings of respect and candor were the undertones that laced the rhetoric of the nation.  It’s a bit sad that these descriptors imply times past – over – rather than current engagement or the sureness of future possibility.  It’s in that spirit I share a few candid photos of a man whom everyone can agree, represents goodness and humility to generations of Americans who similarly hope for greatness, regardless of the form that it might take. 







“I’m an idealist without illusions.”


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