Life Lately

Like Ali, I spent the weekend blissfully avoiding the protestors. My favorite moment was when I spotted two of them on my run, laying at Ohio Street beach with their big protestor boots next to them, obligatory black pants rolled up and their creepy V for Vendetta masks pushed back on their heads, just getting some sun. Unreal and hilarious. For more on the amazingness that is anti-war protestor fashion, check out Molly’s hilarious post – I snorted out my coffee on the bus laughing.

Here’s what I was up to instead:

1. Cubbies! The lovable los… I can’t even type it 2. My new favorite drink, the Moscow Mule 3. My handsome date and I at Luxbar 4. Murals at Oak Street for the summer’s first beach day with Ali on Saturday! 🙂 5. More shrimp than I’ve ever seen on one platter; don’t worry, they did not go to waste 6. Frozen yogurt concoction to battle the 90 degree + heat 7. This beautiful city from Navy Pier on a Sunday morning run 8. Inspired by Ali’s um, inspiration? 9. Counteracting shrimp + froyo + Moscow Mules with a healthy Sunday night dinner

This is going to be a super busy week with work and its a short one at that – heeeere we go! 🙂