NATO weekend in Chicago


For those of us who spent this beautiful weekend Chicago, it was a fine line between avoiding protestors and avoiding a sunburn.  Well, it was really a line about 20 blocks thick, but the pink shoulders were pretty prevalent whether you were hiding out on the northside with me, or confronting cops in riot gear on the south.  The security team from my office building sent out the above photo to show all of us “Friday work from homers” what we were missing in the plaza next to our office.  The pictures below are a better view of how my extended weekend was spent.  I think I made the right choice…


A lazy Sunday afternoon with a book and a blanket in the shade of Lincoln Park.


A Thursday evening Cubs game in the bleachers with a group of friends, a few too many Coronas and one near catch of an errant baseball.


Roofdeck bliss on a gorgeously sunny Friday afternoon.


Lunch in the dappled shade of Millenium Park.


Sunset dinner on a warm Friday evening at NoMi in the Park Hyatt.


Al fresco cocktails and fun centerpieces.  The perfect way to end the weekend.


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