Confessions of a Bachelorette Junkie

Does the phrase “First Impression Rose” make you a little anxious, sweaty and excited all at once?

Do you have an unnatural affinity for witnessing awkward, embarrassing pickup lines for 90 minutes straight every Monday?

Do you dream of drinking champagne every day for months, alternating transportation between limos, horses, and inexplicable vintage cars; and basically living in a hot tub?

If so, this post is for you.

Guys, I have a confession. Despite my refined, mature exterior (please, please read my sarcasm into that)… I have a strong, embarassing, all-encompassing love for the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. Yes, I am totally aware that no one makes it as a couple besides Trisha and that hot fireman, but I really just can’t get enough.

It’s all of my favorite things – romance! Drama! Humor! People watching in the extreme!

JB watched it with me once, in absolute and total horror of the douchebaggery (sp?) of Brad Womack and the many, many crying girls on his season. I was ridiculed for days and I resolved then and there that this is a solo activity;  my Monday night Laura time with nothing except a giant glass of wine and my own commentary.

Sadly, just a few seasons later, I’m already breaking that resolution – I need to discuss! I just love Emily Maynard so much. Everyone does, right? You just can’t help but want to be her friend and want good things and fairytale romances for her! Oh, that’s just me?

Anyway. If you can’t get on the board with the show, maybe you can get on board with her ridiculously cute style. I can’t believe there aren’t more pictures of her out there, but I’m sure this will change soon. I would literally wear all of this, and fake a Southern accent just to really get creepy with it.


>> All pictures via Pinterest

Did you watch the Bachelorette last night? Who’s your favorite? I am a big Ryan fan so far – his sign was too cute!


This week in, well…food!



(Clockwise from top left):  Truly one of the best, tiny chocolate bites Laura shared on a train ride, grilled chicken (a la momma), week night salad (chicken breast, tomato, chick peas, cucumbers, fresh mozz, croutons and a strawberry balsamic dressing), salt and pepper popcorn (home popped, of course!), mango tres leches…the last bite standing, asparagus on the grill.