TOMS Eyewear

My favorite Marshalls sunnies… R.I.P.

I am not, and I repeat not, an investor in nice sunglasses. As early as I can remember, I have sat, dropped my purse, or stepped on every.single.pair. I have ever owned. Ever. In my mind, that is one heck of a reason not to drop anyyyything more than oh, $30 (on a fancy day) on a new pair. My friend Rachael likes to point out that perhaps if I owned a pair that I didn’t buy at Walgreens, I’d be more inclined to take care of them. To that I say, I love my Walgreens sunglasses! Sometimes they’re 2 for $20! I mean please, beat that.

But then, I found TOMS Eyewear.

I watched an awesome documentary on Blake Mycoskie, the creator of TOMS Shoes about a year ago and I absolutely love his story: the entrepreneurial drive, the charitable background, the success of the brand… so great. (Not too shabby on the eyes, either!) I love the idea that when you buy a pair of shoes, you’re directly helping one person that really  needs it.  So when I heard that they were starting a new One for One Movement – eyewear! – I was intrigued.

Did you know that more than 18 million children in the world suffer from blindness or some sort of vision related disability, the vast majority of which are preventable or treatable?

So here’s how it works:

Pretty simple, right? And the sunglasses, well, they’re just adorable. Here’s three pairs that have me reconsidering my charitable giving/sunglasses strategy:

Classic 202

Classic 101

Classic 301 – Favorites! I love a good pair of aviators 🙂

TOMS is calling this the Summer of Sight, with a goal of selling 100,000 pairs; therefore restoring sight to 100,000 people who need it. Pretty cool, right? Do a good thing and get a pretty nifty pair of shades for the summer. At about $110 a pop, they’d definitely be the priciest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever purchased… but worth saving up for? I’m thinking so 🙂

Read more about the One for One Movement or watch this video about a recent Giving Trip to Nepal to see the movement in action.


2 thoughts on “TOMS Eyewear

  1. I’m a, let’s call it “thrifty,” sunglasses devotee also. But I’m also a sucker for a good cause annnnnnd I think your friend is right. I do tend to take better care of things I spend a little more moolah on.

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