Weekend Girl Crush – Lara Spencer

I am a Good Morning America fanatic. I watch it every. single. morning while I’m getting ready and drinking coffee. It’s not exactly hard-hitting news, but I just love all of the hosts – even tiny little George Stephanopoulos! But my absolute favorite is Lara Spencer. She’s stunning, articulate, and hilarious and frankly, it’s upsetting that she’s not my friend. (Yet.)

So imagine my surprise when she outed herself on GMA this week; she has a second life as… an interior decorator! She recently authored a book on her love of finding and redoing second-hand pieces. Since I have about four books going on my Kindle right now, I’m holding off on purchasing I Brake For Yard Sales but I dug around to find some of her design work and I’m so glad I did! There are no yard sales in Chicago, but tomorrow Ali and I are going to shop around some of the second hand stores to see what we can find, and I’m so excited.  I’m particularly obsessed with the red and white graphic sign in the last picture… how amazing is that?

One thought on “Weekend Girl Crush – Lara Spencer

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