That’s amore.

I have to apologize for the quality of and lack of variety of photos in this entry.  My night was one of those nights.  The day was rushed and stressful, the gym was frustrating and slightly painful and the cupboards were bare. BARE.  I stomped to the grocery store with the sole purpose of upholding the old adage that you shouldn’t grocery shop when hungry else you’ll end up with a basket full of nonsense.

Somehow I came to my senses between the evening’s fresh air and the awesome view my neighborhood affords me and decided that I should cut a compromise between my head and my stomach.  Using a (an awesome!!) Boboli thin crust pizza dough as my base, I made a healthy-ish pie with mozzarella cheese, thinly sliced Campari tomatoes, sautéed red onions with balsamic vinegar and fresh arugula.  Drizzle the whole delicious pie with a bit of evoo, cracked pepper and oregano and enjoy.  And then enjoy again for lunch the next day.




5 thoughts on “That’s amore.

    • Ugh – you’re my role model with the wheat crust. I just cant pull the trigger! I think the last thing I need is another excuse to tell myself pizza is ‘healthy’…I may just stick with white and call it a splurge 🙂


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