It’s Ladder time!

So something in me thought it would be a great idea to carry 7 foot pieces of lumber home on the windiest day of the year.  Seriously, those bitches were like sails.  Sorry mom.  It took years and cost thousands of lives, but eventually I dragged the wood up to my apartment and took out my handy pink hand-saw and got to work.

By the way, this hand-saw is the reason I started the “not pink” list – this is a running tally of things that, in the future, I’ll know not to buy JUST because they’re pink (the idea being that perhaps I should consider qualities of importance rather than their cute  color).  Also on the list: running shoes, dish soap, pens, antacids and bed sheets that pill after a day.  ONE DAY.

Anyway, hours later I had chopped, sanded and painted my way to a partial ladder, only to stand it up and realize that it was completely crooked.  I made the ladder-rookie mistake of measuring the placements for the rungs from the top of the posts instead of the bottom.  Sigh.  Take two led me to a relatively level result and I’ll take it.  Yes, a stiff wind could blow these puppies over, but they lasted through the night and I’m calling it a success!  This weekend Laura and I are scouting the brown elephant for the perfect last touches…wish us luck   Smile









6 thoughts on “It’s Ladder time!

  1. Yep these were DEFINITELY worth any lives lost transporting them home. We’ll chalk it up to survival of the chicest. 🙂

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