Lamp Makeover

So sometimes I decide to redo things that don’t really need to be redone.  Like this lamp:


There’s nothing really wrong with it, in fact it’s perfectly nice.  This lamp and I have stuck it out through 3 separate Chicago apartments, and consequently 3 separately Chicago moving experiences.  It’s seen 3 US states, 2 colleges, countless…um, a very small and selective handful of boyfriends and untold rerun episodes of 90210….buuuuuuut it never felt like mine. 

So this past weekend, a dreary and VERY windy weekend in fact, I decided to give it a spruce.  Using my new hot glue gun, paint, wooden sticks and mint green paint, I fashioned a sweet and romantic lamp shade that’s entirely likely to burst into flame at any moment. Seriously it’s made out of wood, acrylic paint, toxic glue and it’s literally tethered to the base with wire.  It’s been fun ya’ll Smile





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