Foil Packet Salmon

The past few days and weeks have been so busy at work and at home!  While I certainly apologize for the posting absenteeism, I owe my stomach a bigger apology for the take-out lunches and skimpy breakfasts my weekdays have afforded me lately.  After spoiling my taste-buds with momma’s home cooking this weekend, I was sorrily ill-prepared this past Monday.  Fortunately, I did have a solitary, lonely piece of salmon I threw in the freezer a few weeks ago.  Did I think to thaw it in the morning?  Nope.  But as it turns out, salmon cooked as frozen is incredibly comparable in taste and texture to the fully thawed variety when cooked properly.  Taking a cue from thehungryhousewife, I whipped out my foil, my cruddy pan (yes, I know you’re all judging that crusty thing!) and the frozen, pink fish.

This recipe suggests heating the oven to 400 degrees and wrapping your ingredients in a tin-foil packet – snugly but with a cute tee-pee vent for the steam to escape.  All you need is a nice fillet, lemon and compound butter; a mixture of herbs and butter rolled into a log and frozen for later use.  While I didn’t have the opportunity to freeze the butter log ahead of time, it worked just as well mashing fresh parsley, garlic and pepper into room temperature butter and spooning a dollop on top of my frozen fillet*.


Note on serving:

While I’m perfectly happy eating solely (get it, sole-ly?) a filet of fish for lunch, it’s apparently not socially acceptable.  Learned the hard way.  So I’ve learned to pair my entrée with something else – in this case, it was a small bed of whole wheat rotini pasta with a bit of butter (gasp!), a handful of fresh peas and a healthy sprinkle of dill.

* That little bald spot you see on the top of my foil packet fish is where my compound butter slid off when it melted.  Isn’t it cute?


One thought on “Foil Packet Salmon

  1. You eat way too good for a single person. I love with my boyfriend and am known to eat popcorn and Popsicles for dinner three nights in a row. I’m not kidding. I SUCK with cooking type things…I’d rather go out!

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