Bran Muffins for Breakfast

I’ve been trying to consistently eat breakfast in the morning, but much like this hysterical Jenna Marbles video explains, I’m not always the best at managing my time in the morning.  Having continual re-runs of The West Wing on in the background, I’m sure, contributes to my distraction.  As such, I’ve developed a few habits that help me shave off a few precious seconds in the morning so I can hopefully get my much needed beauty sleep!

  1. Pack your gym bag in the morning.  Rooting around for that one, perfect, not-too-tight-but-still-clean tshirt at 7am in the morning will ruin your day.  Guaranteed.
  2. Pack your lunch the night before.  If you’re like me and have JUST DISCOVERED how awesome bringing your own lunch is, this is a new rule.  For everyone that’s been doing it for years, thanks for NOT telling me how much money and how many calories you save when you come packing.  Thanks a lot.
  3. Make your breakfasts ahead of time.  Seriously, if you’re anything like me, you’re entirely less likely to eat breakfast if 1.) you’re not hungover or b.) it’s not readily available.  Sure you could buy it on the fly, but you tell me where you can find a healthy breakfast these days.  These days?  Who talks like that, honestly, you’d think I was a senior citizen.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…ahem.

Making a healthy breakfast is so easy and beneficial, and who doesn’t love breakfast food?  Honestly…find someone that hates breakfast.  Try.  Bran muffins are such an easy fix for a fast morning meal, it’s almost embarrassing to share how little goes into these treats.  Buy a box of Hodgeson Mill Bran Muffin Mix: it’s less than $1.50  (even in Chicago) and yields only 6 muffins.  A scant 6 muffins might sound like a drawback, but if you’re a single lady like I am, 6 muffins is the perfect amount for one batch – any more and they go stale before you have a chance to enjoy.  Mix the batter according to instructions and add fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds…whatever you can think of!  This batch included toasted almond slivers, dried cranberries and a bit of good vanilla flavoring.  I’m already planning the next: Trail Mix.  I’m planning to create a pretzel base for the muffin mix and swirl in peanuts, raisins and a few chocolate chips.  Stay tuned…


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