Urban Hike–Vol. 1

We all know Chicago is a pedestrian city…give it up, drivers, it is.  Partially due to the beautiful weather, half due to office-related frustration and 1/4 due to the stir crazy build-up from winter, lately I’ve abandoned the gym in favor of the Urban Hike.

  1. The Urban Hike essentially works like this: I high-tail it out of work as fast as humanly possible.
  2. I take the redline home, tap-tap-tapping my foot impatiently the whole time.
  3. I march home from the el and the second I walk in the door, remove work shoes/clothes, remove make-up (yes, Laura, that’s actually true) and don my new yoga pants and trusty Cubs baseball hat.
  4. Walk.  Anywhere, everywhere; places I love and places I haven’t been.  Just walk.
And could there be a BETTER city to do it in?



2 thoughts on “Urban Hike–Vol. 1

  1. Here’s the thing, I think maybe we should meet in real life. {does that sound creepy? I swear I don’t mean it to be.} The main reason I say so, is because I JUST posted a picture the other day on FB with a picture of the city and the caption, “My kind of hiking.” Great minds, right?

  2. Saint Louis is so NOT a walking city. I have major Chi envy. Luckily I live Downtown where I can walk to a lot of my dailys; work, grocery, bank, bars and the like, but major shopping and grocery requires a drive. I HATE driving and would love to get rig of my car one day.

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