Urban Hike–Vol. 1

We all know Chicago is a pedestrian city…give it up, drivers, it is.  Partially due to the beautiful weather, half due to office-related frustration and 1/4 due to the stir crazy build-up from winter, lately I’ve abandoned the gym in favor of the Urban Hike.

  1. The Urban Hike essentially works like this: I high-tail it out of work as fast as humanly possible.
  2. I take the redline home, tap-tap-tapping my foot impatiently the whole time.
  3. I march home from the el and the second I walk in the door, remove work shoes/clothes, remove make-up (yes, Laura, that’s actually true) and don my new yoga pants and trusty Cubs baseball hat.
  4. Walk.  Anywhere, everywhere; places I love and places I haven’t been.  Just walk.
And could there be a BETTER city to do it in?



Summer Fever

Today is the second day of spring – can you believe it? Not in my mind! Spring came and went in about oh, a week or so, and I’m on to summer fever. After a week straight of 80 degree + weather, I want to not feel weird about wearing sandals in March (this is usually still boot season!), I want my summer hours at work to kick in (yay!) and I want to be spending this upcoming weekend reading magazines at Oak Street Beach and begging Ali to go on the water run for us. I’m not COMPLAINING, its just… confusing!

I recently illustrated this happy, snoozing girl on the beach that I’ve been wishing was me for the last 15 days or so. 🙂  Hope it makes you think of summer fun too!

This one’s for you, mama!