Spearmint Rehab

After graduating from college, I gladly took any furniture my parents were kind enough to donate to the poor-undergrad fund.  While I still have and love the majority of it, some of it could use a bit of a work to be considered my style.  This weekend I took a small and simple wine rack and gave it a spearmint twist.  The end result is a bit jazzier than the original – just the way I like it!


For a fun and antique-y look, I’ve jotted down a few brief steps below – of course, you should make it your own!


1.  Clean and lightly sand the object, concentrating on the edges.


2.  Lighten the object with a neutral base.


3.  Apply the overall color.  I mixed white with a bright teal and a bit of periwinkle for a very light spearmint tint.  I applied streaks of gray, gold and copper with a paper towel to blend it with the spearmint paint while still wet.  I wanted the rack to look like it had a bit of depth and distress to it.


4.  I glued copper pieces I found at the hardware store to the top edges for an industrial flair – it also helped to bring out some of the bronze highlights from the paint! 


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