Life Lately

From top left: Love in strange places, spring in Chicago, the best buttery shamrock sugar cookies at work, sake flight at my beloved Union Sushi, the Chicago river (pre-greening!), homemade gougeres courtesy of Victoria’s awesome post, I had no fun at all on St. Patricks Day, and the first sailboat of the year.

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Life Lately

    • Picnik! I ❤ it so, so much except it was purchased by Google + so it is going away in less than a month 😦 So far, Google + has the editing capabilities but does not have collages yet… fingers crossed!

  1. We’re going to Union Sushi for the first time on Thursday! I’m so super excited. Anything in particular that I HAVE to eat??

    • Yay! Seriously, EVERYTHING is good, but I really liked the black pepper shrimp from the grill (but beware, its literally ONE giant shrimp… not good for a group!), the Tsujiki Market roll is awesome because there’s no rice so you get to really taste all of the fish but still maki-style, and the Old City Market roll is a spicy party in your mouth 🙂 Hope I didn’t hype it up too much, can’t wait to hear what you think!

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